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totem 2024
Fri, Jul 26 - Sun, Jul 2823:00 - 12:00
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Friday 26/7
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Totem reaches its second edition on 26 ’till 28 of July. Once again invites in Sougia and Fortuna a stellar line-up, representative of its purpose, to present exciting and innovative electronic music in an idyllic location. Totem guests for 2024 are:

Julia Govor, NYC based innovative electronic music producer, DJ and record label owner.

Reka, Spanish native, Berlin based well known DJ and producer with numerus appearances in clubs and festivals around the world.

Zanias, the creative venture of Alison Lewis, singer and DJ, also owner of Fleich Records,

Neu-Romancer, the solo venture of Australian musician Laura Bailey,

Vercetti Technicolor, owner of Giallo Disco Records, member of ACID VATICAN, Film Composer & Director of Mission London,

Extase Urbaine, Amsterdam and Athens based multi-genre artist and co-founder of HDE collective,

Figkott, the initiator and resident DJ of Qreclaim and The Schenkens,

Lee Fraged, well known Athens based DJ and producer also resident and co-founder of H.S.,

Linny Berret, early years resident and co-founder of H.S.,

Dazed BS, Chania based multi-field music project founded since more than 20 years ago.


Reka Zanias Neu Romancer Lee Fraged Dazed BS Saturday

Julia Govor Vercetti Technicolor Extase Urbaine Figkott Linny Berret


The Epimyth

An overview of the weekend experience

in a free session by Totem guests.

Hosted By
The Other Wind