Event cover
Event cover
Kaos London x Unnatural Acts
Σάβ 07 Οκτ - Κυρ 08 Οκτ23:59 - 07:30

07/10/2023 Years of Denial Morah Blakaut Choronzon Petros Spatharos "Unnatural Acts" encapsulates the evolving landscape of human-machine interaction, bridging the gap between the present and the future. By engaging in events where real-time exchanges with circuits, machinery, and frequencies takes place, we emerge as conduits for transition, communication, and recognition. United in our diversity, we resonate harmoniously with these shared waves—unrestricted, boundless, and unconstrained by labels. In this paradigm, we embody a collective identity that encompasses both "us" and "you." Unveiling the inaugural edition of the new season, Unnatural Acts proudly announces a captivating partnership with the renowned collective, KAOS London.Leading the charge is Years of Denial, set to present their immersive "Suicide Disco" live performance—a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle that promises to enthrall and astonish. Prepare to be entranced as Choronzon takes the reins with an exquisite selection that reaches deep into our souls, captivating hearts and minds alike. Taking the stage by storm, the night introduces Blakaut,whose distinctive live performance is poised to leave an indelible mark. Morah and Petros Spatharos will also grace the event with their mind-bending DJ sets, adding layers of sonic intensity to the experience. Join us for an evening that marks the synergy of Unnatural Acts and KAOS London—a celebration of musical innovation, mesmerizing live displays, and unforgettable sets that push boundaries. Artwork courtesy of Karen Gina Georgoudis Performance/Installation for camera. “Amendments” from the Grounding Series at ΛΟΦΟΙ & ΠΕΔΙΑ / HILLS & FIELDS. EIGHT / ΤΟ ΟΧΤΩ. Photography : Yannis Rousounelos

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